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Never Give up!

Looking into Emily's eyes reminds me of the daily struggles that many children suffer with everyday in Honduras. I am no biologist on what happens on the inside of a body diagnosed with malnutrition other than what a picture captures. I study the eyes, color of skin and condition of finger nails and see enough to tell me that food is needed in this little girl Emily.

When I visit Emily and the many children in her neighborhood I know that I am looking at faces full of worry, constantly hoping for a normal plate of nutritional food. Children should not be scrapping by with bare necessities which is the norm. They are people living their lives day to day like any other person in the world. As they fight their daily battle, they cry, they laugh, they hope, they believe and they love. I am humbled by their attitude and daily survival.

Honduras has an extreme poverty rate of 43%. A heartbreaking statistic that I believe will need lots of attention. Children like Emily are waiting patiently for guidance, love, care and the physical attention that their bodies so desperately need. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Central America. Despite the circumstances of their life they are incredibly sweet and gentle. It is a blessing to be in the presence of such welcoming beautiful faces.

Opportunity is at the front door. I pray daily that God will send the right people to build a feeding center that will accomplish many goals in helping these children. One thing I do ask is that you pray for them. They need it. I believe in the right time God is going to intervene and make this provision become a reality. If you sense God tugging at your heart to get involved you may contact me and I will gladly guide you on what steps to take.

I appreciate the opportunity to share about these specific needs. Despite all that they struggle with they will know that God loves them and desires a very special relationship. The cross of Jesus has no boundaries. A salvation that will last forever. We for sure will never go hungry of God's love for us.

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