International Leadership Ministries is a nonprofit Mission bringing hope to children and families of Honduras.  Founded in 2015 with goals of building feeding centers  by way of education, providing clean water, food, mission teams and God's message. 

We as an organization are designed to go into international countries where the need is most vulnerable. 


Honduras has a staggering poverty rate of 62% which was something that would not allow us to sit back and do nothing.  We had to do something.  With much prayer, guidance and counsel we launched the House of Hope feeding center project

The impact of a feeding center:  Our primary goals are to establish ourselves within communities that are most vulnerable to poverty.  The vision is longevity.  We believe in doing and serving the local people will bring a Christ like atmosphere that will carry into the next generation.  Implementing work training programs that will provide education on how to perform work ethics at it's best.


We also work within local schools, teaching and training on subjects of Values and Ethics.  A great tool to share the gospel and reach more people for Christ.  Teaching these traits are very valuable and helps the students know the importance that these subjects are life lessons that develop us into a person of Integrity.


Mission teams:  We have accommodations to provide housing and all that is needed for teams to be effective and safe. 

We strive to meet the physical needs that Honduras lacks so desperately.  With an increase of extreme poverty, malnutrition poor infrastructure and infant diseases we as an organization desire deeply to change these statistics to a more positive number which will increase confidence and vision for the people we are reaching.


A.      Action: Taking action to build a feeding center is priority in helping the local people of Honduras that we are working towards.  The building will be a multi-purpose building which will provide a:


1.       Sturdy and permanent building

2.       Steady supply of safe drinking water and food

3.       Real kitchen

4.       Soap and water pila for basic hygiene 

5.       Protect the children from gang activity

6.       A place of refuge


B.      Training through:


1.       Educational job training

2.       Agriculture training

3.       Leadership training

These training programs provide a long-term goal to reproduce this pattern.  With the proper work environment set in place we establish agriculture as a way to produce jobs and bring forth income for families.  We have goals of purchasing land to create farming which will help the people and the feeding center become  more self-sufficient as the years progress.


C.       Ownership: Training to take ownership. 


1.       Development 

2.       Leadership


D.      Oversee:  Delegate responsibilities in


1.       Operating and running the kitchen with a head cook

2.       Having full time employees for farming

3.       Work along side local churches 

4.       Create independency 

5.       Receive mission teams 


Paul Schmucker the founder went on his first mission trip in 2000 to the Island of Curacao, North of South America.  It was during this time that a powerful leading was evident to serve in full time international work.  As a former student at Word of Life Bible Institute he continued doing missions through out NYC, and then continuing his education at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College in 2003.  Since then he has ventured on several foreign mission trips to Central America with hopes of one day God leading Him to serve in Honduras.  In 2014 arriving with suitcases and a dream, he has established himself among the Honduran people and has a clear desire to serve them. 


The open door to the village of Yarumlea is a unique story that started with a family along the road at the entrance of  the Yarumela community. This family has a little girl named Hope who touched Paul and Candy his wife in a special way.  This led Paul to discover the needs and how International Leadership Ministries can help.  This was the beginning of God writing a story that would lead us to build the House of Hope feeding center. 

Stories like this continue as we walk by faith reaching communities for Christ. 

Paul has a deep love for God and reaching people beyond the borders.  He desires to work along side mission groups, the local church and serve the local people with the love of Jesus Christ.  He values the help of mission teams and has seen the lives of many changed through the efforts of reaching people beyond our comfort zones.  Married to Candy Marcela Schmucker, whom is a great asset to Paul, serving together they have experienced the miracles of God's provision in reaching Honduras.  Candy, has a Bachelors degree in food and nutrition safety.  They both direct and lead the feeding center House of Hope, teaching values and ethics, hosting mission teams, community projects and food distribution helping the Honduran people escape poverty. 

Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America, with thousands of needy children and families living in communities and villages in desperate poverty.  Our missionary focus is on serving in the areas of greatest spiritual need and helping the poorest of the poor.  With a population of over 8 million people, Honduras has one of the highest murder statistics in the world.  Struggling to have clean water and nutritional food increases crime and makes poverty an epidemic.   The average income per family is $2.00 a day.   Honduras is stricken with needy statistics and grabbed Paul's heart to change those stats to a more positive influence.  With many needs and more hands on deck we can make a difference.  Paul's vision of mission teams joining the work will help bring a more positive influence to the country of Honduras.  Contact us today and let's help Honduras together.