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Rescue Children From Poverty. 

Sponsor a child: International Leadership Ministries has a vision to provide  food, education, medical and  all that is necessary for children who suffer from undernutrition.  Monthly sponsorship is the primary way that will fulfill the needs of these children, but additional help is invaluable and greatly appreciated.  All donations are fully tax deductible with every sponsorship dollar going directly to the Honduran ministries specified.

The Children of Honduras need a secure nutritional diet which will stimulate their minds and give a better success rate per child in each home.  Our goal is to keep families healthy with your sponsorship.  Our primary goal is secure the child  with food and all that is needed for the success of the child. 

The House of Hope  mission will provide food for those in need.   We are steadfastly committed to nourishing the bodies and souls of these children so that they will not only survive, but thrive. They’re continued plight serves to remind me daily of the importance of perspective amid my own circumstances and the gratefulness that comes from the knowledge that when I wake tomorrow I will open my cabinets and see an abundance of food, a sight that will not greet the Honduran children tomorrow, unless together, we can continue the cause that we have all worked so tirelessly for. 

The Sponsorship Experience

What are some ways to increase my experience with my sponsor child or family?

  • Pray for your sponsor child and the work being done to help.

  • Send your sponsor child or family letters regularly.

  • Care packages should be in the form of checks payable to ILM.

  • Partner with a serve trip to visit Honduras.

What is the full cost to sponsor a child and what does sponsorship cover?

  • It costs $35.00 per child so we recommend a $35.00 monthly sponsorship. Sponsorship covers basic care, and food. You can help as needs arise which includes support services in Honduras such as transportation, food, clothing, college or higher learning, specialized services, or advanced medical care.

  • I want to sponsor a child but cannot afford the full sponsorship amount. How can I help?

  • That’s okay! Pay what you can and we will combine your support with another sponsor.

  • These children are from Yarumela and will  help them throughout their childhood.   As you complete your contribution you will receive updates and personal contact with the children that are part of House of Hope center.  For more questions please contact us. Thank you in advance.


At what age do we stop sponsoring a child?

  • Sponsors are encouraged to keep making donations until their sponsored child is able to care for themselves. Much like your own children, you would typically support them until they live on their own.

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