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Yarumela Feeding Center

The center House of Hope is a vision God gave us to help the children of Honduras.  Helping Honduras is a pivotal highlight that ILM has in helping the poor.  We are steadfastly committed to nourishing the bodies and souls of these children so that they will not only survive, but thrive. They’re continued plight serves to remind us daily of the importance of perspective amid our own circumstances and the gratefulness that comes from the knowledge that when we wake tomorrow we will open our cabinets and see an abundance of food, a sight that will not greet the Honduran children tomorrow, unless together, we can continue the cause that we have all worked so tirelessly for.  


We are reminded daily that we are all Children of God and His grace is sufficient. These children have done nothing except be born into a place, rich with culture, but severely lacking in life-sustaining resources.

This has inspired us every day to work diligently toward expanding the valuable resources that we have all brought to the indigenous people of Honduras. Plans teach them skills that may allow them to escape the poverty that surrounds them, but we will need your help to carry them out.

How do we decide who eats:


We decide who will be provided meals based on the household they come from. They will be interviewed on their household. Who works in the house? are you married? How many children live with you? These are some of the questions asked during the interview process.  Being such a small community we pretty much know who can participate. With most people in the community poor, deciding who goes is accomplished through the interviews. We also ask that in return they do community projects. This will be their way of giving back for what we are doing for them. 

Missionaries on site 

1. Provide meals.

2. Provide Clean Water.

3. Serve the community


The children in Yarumela live in a small town with family in very poor conditions.   Many just don't know where to start so we will offer the skills they need through education. 

Sponsor a child: For $35.00 a month you can sponsor a child.  We serve meals several times each month plus we provide grocery bags of food for the families in great need.  All donations towards this cause will be used for the purposes of feeding children, operation expenses and education.  

Want to get involved? Ask for details. 

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