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Cold Showers!

A simple bathroom will change a home overnight in Honduras. Life in a place like Honduras can be quite different in even the simplest of things. Take water for example. In the United States we have hot water heaters in our homes. We wash dishes in hot water and take hot showers. Taking a hot shower comes with a good reason. In Honduras, only the fortunate have hot water in their homes. In most Honduran homes, water comes in one temperature, cold. Depending on the elevation. The higher you are, the higher in the mountains the water source is cold. Comayagua is in a valley, so the water isn't very cold here. On a really hot day, you welcome cold water. Tegucigalpa, at 3,000 feet elevation, is another matter. When I visit Tegucigalpa, I always take very quick showers. Even on cold days in the valley of Comayagua when the electricity goes out it's a quick shower indeed.

My first experience in Honduras was quite a memory. The first community I lived in had a water shortage do to a motor break in the well. For several weeks water was an issue. Five gallon drinking jugs of water became my shower water. Desperate measures required some quick thinking.

There is a relatively cheap local way to get a hot shower. For about fifty dollars you can buy small electric water heaters to hook up to your showerhead. When the water is turned on, the heater comes on automatically and hot wires heat the water up as it passes through. The heating power is rather limited, and if the water is turned on full pressure it will hardly be heated at all. I have personally invested in one of these. Despite fears of electrocution, I'll take my chances. A hot shower is a luxury in Honduras and if I can get a hot shower I'm going to take it.

Many of us are very fortunate. Honduras is a place where living can be quite a challenge. With an extreme poverty rate of 43% this is staggering news to my ears. Each day we take steps to help the local people of Honduras. Between Yarumela and La Paz you will see poverty that will sting your heart. A sad sight that keeps us going for them.

Perhaps one day you will join us on a short term serve trip. Would certainly love to have you. Honduras is a place where God is moving. "Watch to see where God is working and join Him in His work." -Henry Blackaby

1Peter 5:7

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