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Educate Honduras

We are very excited about this new project and believe that this milestone will give hope for many students. Honduras has a great opportunity to excel. Digging our heals in the ground we fight for them daily in hopes they will have an opportunity at success. 

After several years of being in Honduras we discovered that education was the missing link that so many children were not getting.  With such a high poverty statistic, it's very difficult for families to afford a private school that provides the advance education they need.  We will do this.  

In 2022 of January, we launched to begin the steps of building a school and securing all documents needed for this project.  We are now in the next stage of fundraising.  The Summer Valley School property is located in the Comayagua valley just minutes from the House of Hope Mission.  With six acers purchased we are ready to go.  

Want to help? Giving is available below.  ILM Ministries is a 501c3 non profit organization.  Each day we take new steps leaning towards new goals, new ideas and better ways of helping people.  It's the establishment that keeps going forward and making a difference.

Project School For Honduras

Education will be the pinnacle to advance many children out of poverty. 

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Summer Valley 

This project will be monumental for the communities we are reaching and life changing for thousands of children. 

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Summer Valley School

The Summer Valley School will provide grades pre-k through high school. 

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