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What if you had a food shortage?

My day is nothing like the many children and families who wake up each day with a shortage of food. I actually look forward to breakfast. It's my favorite meal of the day. A warm cup of coffee with a hot meal awaits me every morning. I have a sense of peace knowing that my belly will have food the next day. For many in Honduras that feeling does not exist. I couldn't imagine what that would feel like to wake up knowing that I will struggle to have food.

Honduras has an extreme poverty rate of 43% and growing. This is an epidemic in my eyes. How can you sugar coat this reality? You can't! It's real and it does exist in our world. Honduras is a monumental opportunity to get engaged and help those in desperate need.

Being on mission in this country has humbled me and has brought me to the realization of the riches that I posses. Rich, far from that but I'm rich in the eyes of extreme poverty. If I have a meal to wake up to then yes I' am rich in comparison. Many of us in America are very fortunate. We are blessed. A nation of opportunity. We are givers to the world. We have been blessed to have been taught that giving and helping those in need is a reward that brings blessings. We are a blessed country.

Today as a person in God, I challenge you to doing something for someone. Go out of your way to serve a friend, family member, neighbor or someone you never met. Their is a joy in helping others. The Bible tells us that in Galatians 5:13 to serve one another humbly. The act of servanthood will change our perspective as we help each other and the world.

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