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Specific Construction Needs:

1. Homes without bathrooms $400

2. Water pila's to store water $250

3. Families in need of homes $10,000

4. Children sleep on old dirty beds $75

5. Front Porches protect from sun $400


Better Tomorrow

Project Summer Valley School is raising $100,000 to begin building the education that so many children need. Land is purchased and we are ready to begin. Ask for details and help launch this project.


Marching Forward

Purchase more land for Hands of Hope Clinic and work shop for community projects $35000


Ministry Vehicles 

Vehicle: The mission House of Hope is in need of a van for mission teams, church and school. For $35,000 we will purchase a new van. This van will help advance the work and be a great asset in helping so many people.


Tool House

Will you help House of Hope raise $23,000 to build a tool house on the new property behind the center? The benefits of this project will open huge doors to help the Yarumela community. Having a tool house on site provides jobs, helping families with housing projects, bathrooms and so much more. 


Well's For Honduras

A water well will give the HOH Center unlimited amount of water as well provide all the water needed for those in need throughout the community. Families will have plenty of water to cook, clean, bath and drink. Raising $15,000

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